1 A Framework for the Evaluation of Internet  
2 A Systematic Review of Interactive Computer  
3 A Web based System for the Intelligent    
4 An evidence based approach to interactive health communication    
5 An Internet-based diabetes self-care intervention    
6 Applying usability testing techniques to health promotion website    
7 Are Physicians Ready for Patients With Internet  
8 Attributes of Interactive Online Health Information Systems  
9 Computers in Patient Education and Monitoring    
10 Consumer health informatics  
11 Consumer health information seeking on the internet : Rethinking
Communication in the E-health Era
12 Developing Informatics Tools and Strategies for    
13 Developing Internet-Based eHealth Promotion    
14 E-Health Care Information Systems    
15 e-health :Rethinking Communication in the E-health Era    
16 E_Health Promotion and wellness Communities in cyberspace    
17 eHealth Code of Ethics    
18 eHealth Literacy : Essential Skills for Consumer Health in a Networked World    
19 Ehealth_A New Perspective on Global Health    
20 eHealth_WHO    
21 Ehealth : Will we be victim once again    
22 Enhancing learning through use of interactive tools and health related website    
23 Enhancing learning through use of interactive tools on health  
24 Evaluating the Public Health Impact of Health Promotion Interventions    
25 Evident based approach to interactive health communication    
26 Experience with an Internet-based    
27 Health Attitudes Health Cognitions and Health Behaviors among Internet Health Information Seekers  
28 Health Communication on the Internet    
29 Health Communication on the Internet_An Effective Channel for Health Behavior Change    
30 Health Education and Multimedia Learning    
31 Health education on the internet    
32 Health Information on the Internet    
33 Health Information_The internet_digital divide    
34 Health Education Initiatives Using the Internet    
35 Health Seeking Behaviour    
36 How convergence will reshape health promotion    
37 How do consumers search for and appraise health information on the world wide web    
38 How Internet users decide what information to trust    
39 ICT for Health    
40 Improving Health literacy - A key priority for enabling good health in Europe    
41 Interactive Online Health Promotion    
42 Internet Interventions    
43 Internet-based Patient Self-care  
44 Introduction to Evaluation of Interactive Health Communication Applications    
45 Making a Difference With Interactive Technology    

Patient Education and the Internet

47 Patients Who Use E-Mediated Communication    
48 Patients' Use of the Internet for Medical Information  
49 Physicians Use of Email With Patients Factors Influencing Electronic Communication and Adhere  
50 Pilot Using World Wide    
51 Rating health information on the internet    
52 Shortcomings of health information on the Internet    
53 The Impact of Health Information on the Internet on the Physician  
54 The Increasing Impact of eHealth on    
55 The Information Architecture of Behavior Change Websites  
56 The Internet and evidence-based    
57 The Internet as a Vehicle to Communicate Health Information During a Public Health Emergency  
58 The Internet : Ushering in a New Era  
59 The online health care revolution    
60 The Patient-Physician Relationship in the Internet Age-Future Prospects and the Research Agen    

The Role of the Internet in Patient-Practitioner Relationships Findings from a Qualitative Re

62 Therapy over the Internet    
63 Users of Internet Health Information    
65 Web-based Learning_Sound Educational Method or Hype    
66 What Is eHealth Perspectives on the Evolution of eHealth    
67 What Is eHealth    
68 What is health information    
69 What is Push Technology

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